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Luke 2:52

I want to do a new teaching that will bless you if you receive it. (notice I said, if you receive it). It is a teaching that will challenge you and all of us need to be challenge. I will begin a new sermon series today and I promise that in this sermon series you will be challenged like you've never been challenged before. If you claim to have a personal trainer and your muscle doesn't hurt, fire that trainer. And if you claim to have a pastor that does not challenge you go to another church and find someone that challenges you to greatness.

I realized that every area of growth has these pain barriers. You cannot develop physically without pain. You push your body to the point where it hurts, then you push it a bit further. You cannot develop your mind without hitting the pain barrier. It hurts to study, to keep your mind on the job, to struggle to remember, to stay awake through boring lectures, and to try to follow an abstruse line of reasoning. You cannot build relationships without pain—hurting the other person and being hurt, asking forgiveness and trying all over again, taking the risk of loving and trusting. It is often painful. And God makes it plain that you cannot grow spiritually without pain. No discipline, he tells us, is joyful—it hurts. It is only after the pain that discipline yields its fruit.

We cannot, in fact, avoid pain—ever. If we refuse the pain of exercise, we will end up with the pain of a sick, weak body. If we avoid the pain of study, we will end up with the pain of ignorance. If we avoid the pain of building relationships, we will experience the pain of loneliness. If we do not accept the pain of spiritual discipline, we will experience the pain of spiritual failure. As your pastor, I am going to challenge each one of you to greatness, like you never been challenged before. If we cannot avoid pain, then we should gladly accept the pain of growth as good and normal, learning to push through the barriers we will always meet on the path to maturity.
This is a message that has your name on it. It is not to whom it may concern. It is customized, tailor made just for you. Jesus grew, how about you? It has your name on it. For the next 3 weeks you will be challenged. This is a message not to whom it may concern but it has your name on it. You know how we are, we hear a message and we think about that other person and if they are not here, you be thinking of that person, but this message got your name on it. When we have troubles God does not always move the load off our backs – sometimes he grows and matures us, strengthen our backs so we can carry some loads – called growth. Go to the supermarket, everything will say "extra strength or "new and improved." Can I tell you what God wants to do for your life? He wants to put on you extra strength or make you new and improved. I see people all around, who are stuck especially Afro-Americans, stuck. Go to airport, nursing home, all the fast food places, black youth (unemployment among Afro-Americans, 18-19%). And with the unemployment and the economy the way it is, you gonna have to think new thoughts, image a new you. Jesus grew how about you? Luke 2:57 grew, increased he was not born into the man, he was not born with the bible in his mind, not born with encyclopedia knowledge, He grew, He matured. No person is born with dictionary in his mind, you have to grow it there.

If Jesus grew, you should grow. God wants us to grow – this is true of every mother child here, you have in you the capacities to be what God intends for you to be. In you, is the capacity to be everything that God intended and will for you to be. Instead of always asking God for new things ask God to show you what you already have that you are not developing. In today economic, and with unemployment in the black community 18-19%, you need to be creativity – no jobs but develop the talent, gift that is within and market it. Talents you are stirring up, it's been door matted in your life. The greatest thing in life is not the baddest things that happen to you – the greatest tragedy that happens to us is sometimes the wonderful things that should be happening and are not – that's called "arrested development. There was a group back in the day called "arrest development." God wants us to grow.

When I was younger, mommy put me in a high chair, bid around my neck, she had a little jar, liver, peas, and carrot. It was mushy, baby on the jar, and this word Gerber. She popped it up, took a spoon, put it in my mouth, and this was my response – I love it so much. At the end of the meal, you could see the resendant of the meal all over my face. Didn't mind, had it all in my ears and my nose. No shame, it was the greatest experience of my young life. But then I grew. One day my mother, she did it. One day took a pinch of chicken, fried chicken and put it in my mouth, it blew all my circuit. Ever since that day, since my mother put that little piece of chicken in my mouth, this is the honest God truth, I have not tasted Gerber in over …and guess what I don't want to go back. Wow! I grew beyond Gerber.

Well, If you can understand that about food what about other areas of your life? Why you should you, in other areas of your life, be content with Gerber, when all around you is fried chicken, and pork chops. Gods wants you to grow. Poem by Edgar Guest – lots of wisdom in his poetry: I am a barnyard duck, Wadily around in barnyard muck Fat and lazy with useless wings But sometime when the north winds sing I notice the wild ducks fly over head And I remember something in me which are useless and dead But even with wings I never fly And of course you know why I don't fly because I don't put forth the effort to try So I remain content in the state I'm in but I'm not the duck I could have been. That's a good poem. You can look back over our lives and says you know what – I'm quite content with the state I'm in, but I'm not the duck I could have been. I'm not the girl, the woman, the man, the businessperson, I could have been. It is God's will that you grow, Jesus grew, you shouldn't keep photo-copying your mistakes – grow beyond some things – Jesus grew; notice something about his growth:

The second chapter of Luke shows us that although Jesus was unique, he had a normal childhood and youth. In terms of development, he was like us. He grew physically and mentally; he related to other people, and he was loved by God. A full human life is not unbalanced. It was important to Jesus—and it should be important to all believers—to develop fully and harmoniously in each of these key areas: physical, mental, social, and spiritual. 1) it was balanced – notice the symmetry in Jesus' growth, because vs. 52 says "Jesus increased in wisdom. Put down – Profundity, Jesus was Profound. And guess what you should be profound. There is no excuse for intellectual lazy Christians. God wants us to be profound – He grew in statutes (physic), physical, which means Jesus took care of his body. He watched what he ate. You will not find, one time in the bible where Jesus ate a piece of pork. You will find in Mark's gospel where Jesus is always walking. There's a word in Mark's gospel – straitway or immediately, He was always walking. Walk here, walked there, Jesus was in good shape. Palm Sunday he rode a mule that no man had ever sit on. If I try to ride a mule that no made has ever sit on, and when I got through it was still a mule which no man had ever sat on. Jesus was strong, He was a carpentry, hammering and taking logs, fixing things, building muscle, so tough went in the temple, when he saw how people were being exploited, Jesus went in there, Jesus was strong, buffed, kicked things over. You don't mess with Negroes money unless you got muscles to back it up – didn't I tell you this is a house of prayer and you turned it into a den of thieves.

Jesus grew in wisdom, profundity, profound. Jesus grew in stature, which means Jesus grew physically. God wants us to take care of our self, physically. He grew in stature. He grew in favor with God which means he was spiritual – piety. And He grew with man which means and Jesus grew in popularity – people got alone with Jesus. He was not what the bible says about Israel, like Hosea 7:8, Ephraim he hath mixed himself among the people; Ephraim is a cake not turned." God said the people of Israel likes half baked cakes (loaf). When you fix pancakes, how you fix them? Hot iron skillet, right? Take the batter and pour it into the skillet with grease and then it starts popping, starts browning, then when it browns, you take it out the skillet and put it on your plate, put butter in it, pour syrup on it – right? fully baked. Before you put it on the plate you check it to make sure that it is cooked on both sides. In every area of Jesus' life he was fully baked. Grew in wisdom – intellectual sharp, baked – grew in stature, physically, and man – fully balance, what about you? God wants balance in those 4 basic areas of life. I told you I was going to challenge you hard, I am on assignment. Those four areas he wants us fully developed.– lot of Christian spiritually sharp but intellectual lazy – lot of intellectual lazy people who won't go to the gym – lot of intellectual sharp people, who can't get along with folk. Nothing is more beautiful to see a person working hard on all four areas .

You wanna see a man who's really hot, got appeal, gonna keep it real, who's sexy. To be sexy brother got to have more than buff. What good does it to be a buffed physically and you don't know how to talk to your woman? – what good does it to be buff and you don't know how to hold a conversation. You show me a man, who's buff, know how to talk to you and engaged you on an intellectual level. He's articulate, can write, buff and on top of that loves Jesus and knows how to treat you right, "make you wanna holler, throw up both of hands. Brothers, show me a woman who is nice, and fine, loves Jesus, know how to talk, not embarrassed to take her out. Here you are, out on a date and you trying to impress some important people she sitting there at the table chewing gum like a cow. – real men just don't want a booty call – real men want somebody who can stimulate you on every level. When you get that kind of woman, then you sing the Chi-lites have you seen her? Tell me, have you seen her?

That's what made Jesus, Jesus. I'm gonna challenge you to grow in each of those 4 area. Keep it so simple everything I gonna give you – check list and put it on your refrigerator and check, check, check. If you do it, day by day end of this year you'll be so bad – you won't need Oprah, you'll need Caldwell, you need a word.

Jesus grew wisdom, intellectual –Jesus had been lost (go to text) Jerusalem, temple, Mary thought he was with Joseph and Joseph thought he was with Mary, etc. backtrack vs. 46, (read) guess where they found Jesus, not on broadway crusing, in front of a not tv set, found him, etc. all who heard him (read). Because of his intelligent answers. One thing you can say about Jesus. Jesus was intelligent. How you gonna call yourself a follower of Jesus and you'll not intelligent. Christians should be the most intelligent people on the planet. Because the complex issues in our world cannot be given simplicity answers. The Greek word for disciple is "mathatis", means a learner, follower, make learners of Christ. Prov. 8:10 (read), if you have a choice between buying some stuff that's gonna depreciate and getting a GED, college use your money to get instruction (vs. 11 – read). Prov. 10:14 (read) take that word when fools speak and put somebody name in it and it will still be true. Prov. 24:3 homes are built (read) vs. 4 – read) where there is knowledge (instead of knowledge contemporary, put education. 1) you've got some rooms and house, apt. 2) not empty, furnish 3) valuable beautiful things, didn't steal my stuff, didn't sell drugs to get it – not gonna apologize to anybody for having some nice stuff. Shouldn't hate on somebody because they got nice stuff. Because while you were crusing, while you was watching tv, they was in the class room, or they had an agenda, to get an education. While you hating on somebody you don't know what they had to go through to get what they had. While I am talking about what I am talking about, when you come out to our house, and you see some stuff that I got in my house, my wife and I, etc. don't get mad when you see all this stuff (lived-body detail here) you come over my house looking good, don't get mad, my education, wrote a book, help, folk shouldn't be upset at you for you have some nice stuff that you would for poverty rate among African American 25%. Among whites, 7.8%, Africa-Americans with college degree is, 5.8% which means that Blacks with a degree, their poverty rate is lower than white folk. So what does that tell us what our agenda should be? Education. I'm not just gonna march on anything just to be marching, I'm gonna march on educational opportunity – MLK didn't take a bullet in his neck so we could be on broadway acting silly. I told you I was gonna challenge you.

You want to be a Learner: grow intellectual: Attitude of life long learner, action of a lifelong learner, advantage of lifelong learner. 1) Attitude – be open. a) Learners are open to new ideas. Learner learn new way of doing things Prov. 18:15(read) in fact they look for them. What makes you old is not your age – what makes you old when you is not open, close minded and you cannot learn any new what makes you old nobody can teach you anything. b) attitude of humility – which means you say "I don't have it all together", I'll try to learn from anybody – learners will say, I don't are if you are black – teach me, etch white, gay, GED, teach me. I learn how to type by watching my sister, and I'm a good typer. Anybody can teach you if you will just be open. c) enthusiasm, you wanna learn. Some folk don't wanna learn. You got to get sick and tired of Gerber – got to want to learn – did Jesus want to learn? Yes he did – while school was out, on their way home Jesus is not with them. Where is He? Back at school – know why Jesus didn't get a spanking for being lost for 3 days – what would you do, if for three days you looking for your child and finally when you find your child, they'll in the library, books all over the place – writing down things, learning, reading, you wouldn't know what to do – they made you mad but you so glad they got so much passion because if you ask the average child – how do you like school? There answer will be closed. But Jesus is in school. But Jesus had the attitude of a lifelong learner.


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